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What is ‘Daily Insights and Intentions’ All About?

DailyInsightsandIntentions.com is a free motivational site that helps everyone “get more out of life” by learning from others who have left us the success steps. The videos you will see are meant to assist you with inspiration for your day and week and also give you helpful tips on how to achieve a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle.

Isn’t that what all of us are really after?

More Fun, Better Health, More Spirituality and More Money?

Some of the videos are meant to make you laugh, but mostly they are meant to make you think about your current situation and how it can be improved, just by thinking more positively or acting in a way in which others have become successful.

I want you to remember this point: You Are What You Repeatedly Think About.

The videos will sometimes reveal some links to stories, programs, and products that will continue to lift your spirits, improve your mindset and thus your lifestyle. It is always important to work on yourself first and then others can learn by your examples. This website and videos are for you, your improvement and improving the relationships with everyone around you.