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The importance of an Accountability Partner

Have you ever been part of a team, whether it is a team at work or a sports team.  Did you notice that success is easier when everyone is going for the same goal.  Watch this video to see how adding an accountability partner to your team will ensure your success. Enjoy ...

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Raising our children to be Entrepreneurs

Here is a great video from Cameron Herold at TedxEdmonton just a few months ago. It is amazing how he points out that our children have an unlimited potential hiding inside of them if we just groom them a bit and actually stop telling them "no" so much.  I agree that we ...

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Bob Proctor Programs – 35% off for the next 4 Days

Hey everyone - I just wanted to start your summer with a Success Sale. Until midnight on June 10, 2010, you can get any one of the following Bob Proctor Programs for 35% off, that's right 35% OFF! Here's all you have to do: Go the one or all of the links below and once you ...

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