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[AUDIO] Setting Goals and Planning Your Life with Lifebook | Daily Insights and Intentions

Lifebook – Setting Goals and Planning Your Life [AUDIO]

I have a great AUDIO recording for you today.

I have had the tremendous pleasure of experiencing a program called Lifebook, both the online version and the on-site version (here in Chicago, IL).  As you know I am a huge fan of personal development and self-improvement.

I have had the great fortune of attending many seminars (and still looking to attend many more) by many of the leaders in the industry such as Vic Johnson, Bob Proctor, John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, T. Harv Eker, Lisa Jiminez, Les Brown and many others.  I personally feel that learning is a continual effort to improve ourselves and then most importantly act on what you’ve learned.  In order to do more, be more and have more, improving your self-image and mindset is a must.  It is a great way to make more of ourselves and help others along the way.

However, I have never experienced such a “me -centered” immersion program as Lifebook.  When I say “me-centered” it was all about ME!  What I can do to take my life to the next level in 12 categories:

1.  Health and Fitness               7.  Parenting

2.  Intellectual Life                    8.  Social Life

3.  Emotional Life                      9.  Financial Life

4.  Character                               10.  Career

5.  Spiritual Life                         11.  Quality of Life

6.  Love Relationships           12.  Life Vision

Here is a 30 minute audio recording of Jon Butcher (creator of Lifebook) explaining the process:

Here is a bit more  on Lifebook:

Lifebook offers the world’s most powerful and comprehensive lifestyle development program by helping you get clear on who you are, what you want out of life, and exactly what you need to do to achieve it. This is not some airy fairy program that teaches the idea of putting a fuzzy intention out there and having the universe grant your every wish. This is a structured process that helps you focus incessantly on what you really want out of life, in every single important area. And then define why you want it and what you need to do to get it. In other words, the Lifebook program creates space for you to design a blueprint for your ideal life. A clear and compelling vision of your future, so that you can start to move towards it immediately.

As I said I have been fortunate enough to go through the online portion and then last month attend the Lifebook on-site immersion program.  Wow – totally amazing and life transformational.

If you have any interest or even questions about the program, feel free to send me an email info@dailyinsightsandintentions.com and I would gladly answer any questions about the program.

It is not for everyone as it is very intense, however if you are committed to living life on your terms and planning out the rest of your life – send me an email.

As a bonus – I can get you their online Life Assessment session valued at $129 for free.  What a great investment in your life and more importantly your future.  Send me an email and ask for the information to get the free Lifebook assessment.

Just think – you are on your way to mapping out the remainder of your life in your very own Lifebook.

Listen to this 30 minute audio and then send me an email if you want to get the Online Life Assessment.

Thanks again for your time and remember, Believe In Yourself.