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Presentations, Partnership Summits and ‘Lunch and Learn’

If you are from corporate America or you have an upstart business and you are looking to bring some motivation to yourself and your staff, you can’t go wrong.

Send me an invitation to present for you and your company!

Whether it’s a short 10 minute briefing, or a longer ‘Lunch & Learn’; I can give you an overview of any aspect of our work, from individual study programs, to the very powerful Partnership Summits where we deliver a day long seminar for your organization, bringing together your management team, your suppliers, and your customers.

My goal is to Deliver on my Promise: it’s what I look for in every speaker.

I have the ability to bring multiple aspects of my background into play with the audience and always get participation. Let’s face it, if they are truly “involved” in the experience, they will get more out of it.

I speak at a limited number of seminars and private events each year due to my personal and business schedule so be sure to inquire well in advance.

For more information on booking me for speaking:

Please contact: info@dailyinsightsandintentions.com