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Raising our children to be Entrepreneurs | Daily Insights and Intentions

Raising our children to be Entrepreneurs

Here is a great video from Cameron Herold at TedxEdmonton just a few months ago.

It is amazing how he points out that our children have an unlimited potential hiding inside of them if we just groom them a bit and actually stop telling them “no” so much.  I agree that we must look into the parenting we do and the education that we allow our children to be around so that it may have some basis to becoming and entrepreneur.  Why not allow them to learn that they can be self sufficient at and early age instead of relying on others to provide for themselves.

As parents we should teach them that it is OK to make money and take charge of your financial freedom at a very young age.  The more freedom we give them at an early age, the more freedom they will have as adults.  Just imagine what leaders of the future we can start to groom.

I would love to know what you think or have to say about this video and Cameron Herold’s ideas of young entrepreneurs.  Please leave your comment below.

Also, do you have any young entrepreneurial ideas to share about your kids or that we as a community can learn from and put to use with our kids?  Please share.

Here is one idea: Our son, Reese while in kindergarten at the age of 5 1/2 wanted an iPod.  I know that is going a bit overboard at 5 1/2, but you should see him listen to the music and dance.  He also listens to personal development on his iPod as well as books.  Anyways, in order to get the iPod he had to come up with 50% of the money.  So for extra credit in his school they could be a “Young Author” and so he did.  His book title was “7 Fun Things About Soccer.”  We helped him put it together and then gave him the idea that he could sell that book to his grandparents (he has 3 sets!).  So that is exactly what he did, he created 4 copies of his books, numbered them (we got to keep 1 of 4) and sold the other 3 to his grandparents for $10 each.  Now I never made $30 that fast at 5 1/2 years old.

Thanks for taking your time out today and watching and reading this and as always, Believe in Yourself.


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