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Success Tips from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet | Daily Insights and Intentions

Success Tips from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Good Morning or Afternoon –

Love them or hate them, your choice!  Mine is love them, well maybe it’s more of an admiration.  I’m talking about Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Maybe I love what they did (built a company and changed and industry with passion from the bottom up).  Maybe I love what they have achieved (become the wealthiest men on the planet ~ depending upon the year).   And most importantly what I love about him and what I admire the most is what he continues to do (give away their fortune for those in need).  Don’t hate the men for their money or power but love them for the ability to know you to can do this if you put your mind to it.  Remember, I am pretty sure they put their pants on the same way we do in the am hours.

They sound a lot like Andrew Carnegie (if you haven’t read Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich I suggest you run out and get a copy as well if you have read it, make sure you pull it out give it another look).  The similarities between Mr. Carnegie and Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffet for that matter are amazing.  It has been said many times that Success Leaves Clues.  I believe they both followed them and I believe we all should as well.

Regardless of your feelings towards the men, did you have the opportunity to watch this CNBC special?

JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:  It will open in a new window.

If you don’t want to watch it that is fine but quickly it was an interview that took place as a town hall Q&A at Columbia University in New York.  Not only was Mr. Gates on the stage but you were in for a double scoop of fun because Mr. Warren Buffet was also there.  One stage and two of the most powerful and influential men of our current times.

During this Q&A session both men were asked many questions but one stuck with me.  Mr. Gates was asked a very simple question: What is the most important thing you do every day?  His answer was two fold:

  1. “I learn and I read!”
  2. “I surround myself only with those people that are immersed in the topic that I care about most!”  It sounds as though he has a daily Mastermind.

So I will let you ask yourself what the most important “thing/task” is that you do on a daily basis.  I would however like to know (please leave a comment) what is the last book that you read and what was the biggest takeaway you had from it and have you ever participated in a Mastermind?

Remember, Believe in Yourself!


Lets all do our part to keep America strong!