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Why do you and I do “what we do?” | Daily Insights and Intentions

Why do you and I do “what we do?”

I am a big fan of Tony Robbins as he is one of many who have the ability to liberate us from a “State of Mind” in which we no longer want to be in to a “State of Being” to where we all achieve to be and quite frankly I believe we all deserve.

In this video from Ted Tony Robbins will talk about how if you do one simple thing: find something you are truly passionate about and and desire to be in your life and then put the effort forward, you will achieve it!

Watch it now and please comment or give your 2 cents worth below.

I hope you enjoyed this video.  If you haven’t been able to catch any of Tony’s show on NBC called Breakthrough, head on over to this site and watch the 6 episodes.  They are fantastic.

Check them out here: Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.

Have a great day and as always, Believe in Yourself!


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