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Will Smith – How the Universe really works | Daily Insights and Intentions

Will Smith – How the Universe really works


Will Smith talks of Success, Focus, Fear, Hard Work and Dreams and how we can all have what we want in life if we just BELIEVE!  This is great insight into the success of his career and how it started when he was young and has continued to improve upon it today.

Will Smith reveals himself as an extremely intellectual thinker and the fact that he wants the best for himself and everyone else for that matter.  Will makes it real simple: figure out what you want and work harder than anyone else who is in your way to getting what you want and truly deserve.

I personally love this video and now I am going to have to watch Pursuit of Happyness and 7 Pounds again.  Both movies were filled with inspiration.

As always, Believe in yourself.  Now I even have Will Smith on my side!


  • http://palen.com Joe Palen

    Awesome video! I’ve always known that there’s something special about Will Smith. The clips in this video provide lots of great evidence that his success is no fluke… not that anybody was questioning it. I’m just sayin’…

    • Administrator

      Thanks Joe and I “hear” what your sayin!