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Action Steps | Daily Insights and Intentions - Part 2

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The Power of Expectation

What do you really want out of life?  Do you expect you will have it or do you just "hope" it will come.  This video will talk to you about how there is power behind expectations of your goals. Enjoy the video!

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Act as if

There is a difference between knowing something and living it, however if you want to attract ideas and people and money, you MUST ACT AS IF....  You need to act as though it is already present as this plays a nice little trick on your subconscious mind. Enjoy the video!

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Why You Should Have Long and Short term Goals

So now we know we should dream - write down our goals and the next step is chunk them down.  This will allow for us to build on our successes and make it easier for us to achieve our goals. Enjoy the video!

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