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Personal Insight for Father’s Day 2010! | Daily Insights and Intentions

Personal Insight for Father’s Day 2010!

Wishing you a Wonderful Father’s Day!

It is a beautiful day here however, yesterday we had a strong thunderstorm that lasted late into the evening.

The storm began just as I was going to pick up my son Reese, from his YMCA camp.  Reese seemed a little “edgy” as he was waiting for me with the rest of the campers as the thunder and lightning began rolling in.  We ran to the car and he got in his seat, buckled in and watched out the window.

As we were driving I could still see he was a bit nervous so I reached back and grabbed his hand and said, “Reese, it’s just a storm, you’ve been through many before and you can make it through this one as well” and his reply back was, “Thanks Dad, I know I can but can I just hold your hand for a little bit longer,” and I replied, “sure” and you could see him get a little smile on his face and then he said, “Thanks Dad, I Love You.”

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”  ~ Jim  Valvano

I received my greatest Father’s Day gift a few days before Father’s Day in 2004 with the birth of my son.  I have believed strongly in my son Reese from that moment on as he was was born 9 weeks premature (3 lbs. 5 oz) and there was only one day where my wife and I were really scared, but I believed in him, that he could make it through and with reflection, I now truly believe and know, he believes in me and it is a wonderful feeling.

We just celebrated his 6th birthday and we are about to head out to his birthday party with some of his friends at a Bounce house.

So on this eve of Father’s Day you may want to do this:  call your father up, tell him you love him and if you have the ability, give him a hug and say “Thanks for believing in me!”  If your father is not around anymore, just close your eyes and tell him, “Thank you”.

Now for those special kids who may not have had a father growing up  (I am in that boat as my father passed away when I was younger) please call up your Mom or that father figure you had and tell them you love them and thanks for believing in you.

Here is why you should consider doing this:

“The gift is to the giver, and comes back to him…….”  ~ Walt Whitman

Happy Father’s Day to all of you and make sure you make their day for them and go give them thanks.

Enjoy your weekend and as always, Believe in Yourself.


PS:  Don’t forget to give them a call!!!!

PPS: To all the Moms out there who were Dads for their kids, Happy Father’s Day as well. (I love you Mom and I miss you Dad!)