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What Others Say

Dr. Derek Baron is a dynamic leader. I have worked with him on several projects with a group called The Champions Club, and a group called The 28. His insightfulness on many levels has helped me tremendously. He is a GO TO PERSON. I have found his skill of leadership to be true in spirit.

“HONEY” Howsare


Derek is one of the great students in personal development. He has studied with all the big names in the industry and is constantly looking for ways to improve himself. Derek’s knowledge is outstanding! If you have any challenge, need direction or maybe are “stuck” where you are, Derek is the man for you!! I sincerely believe that if you work with Derek, you will start to develop and grow in many, many ways!!

Doug Evans
Madison Heights, MI


I have had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Derek Baron for the past year, and I am very impressed with the quality of his “Step Up To The Edge” coaching program.  If you are serious about making lasting changes in your life, and getting on the right track to accomplish everything you want in life, I recommend that you participate in his programs.  You will love the results!

Richard B. Evans
Author,  “Great Habits ”